Tour FAQ's

QDo the tours go to Wineglass Bay?

  • Wineglass Bay can only be accessed by walking or by boat.
  • Our tours visit stunning, more remote locations that few people are able to access.

QDo I need a licence?

  • You will need a car drivers licence to operate a vehicle.
  • It must be a minimum Provisional licence.
  • If your standard licence is not in English, you will need to obtain an international licence.
  • Anyone without a drivers licence is still able to participate as a passenger.

QCan children ride their own vehicle?

  • Our tours operate on public land in the National Park which require all riders to have a current drivers licence so they are covered by insurance, even if they are experienced riders.
  • Children are able to travel as passengers on our larger, 3 seater Polaris Ranger vehicles.

QMinimum numbers?

  • We require a minimum of 2 x Riders to make a booking. If you are booking for just 1 x Rider or 1 x Rider and 1 x Passenger, please contact us first.

QCancellation Policy?

  • A non-refundable deposit of $30 per person is required to confirm all bookings. This may be provided in the form of credit card detailsĀ or direct deposit.
  • In providing credit card details you give authority for ALL4adventure and its staff to process the required amount. Credit Card details are kept as a holding deposit and not charged until the day of the tour at which time you may elect to pay the full amount by cash, credit or EFTPOS.
  • Cancellations of less than 48 hours notice will incur a fee of 100% of the total purchase price, unless the seats can be resold.
  • ALL4adventure will process this amount in the event of cancellation of a confirmed tour with less than 48 hours notice if seats cannot be resold.
  • Cancellations of greater than 48 hours will incur a fee of $30 per person. Alterations can be made to departure dates and times at no cost up until 24 hours prior to the tour.


  • We are an all weather activity. Tours will not be cancelled due to rain.
  • The Freycinet region, generally, receives very little rain.
  • It is advised you dress accordingly if it is forecast to rain.
  • If you do not have your own wet weather gear and it happens to rain during your tour, we do provide it.

QWhat to bring?

  • car drivers licence
  • long pants
  • closed in footwear – shoes or boots
  • warm top
  • camera
  • spare clothes (clothes may get dirty)
  • women may wish to wear a sports bra
  • There is secure storage for a small bag.
  • Sunglasses

QIs it dangerous? What about Safety?

  • When operating any vehicle there is always an element of risk. We provide a detailed, but relaxed half hour training session at the beginning of our tours, designed to give participants the skills and techniques to operate the vehicles safely.
  • Our Guides are trained, experienced and approachable.
  • We utilise smaller vehicles that are light weight and easier to manoeuvre.

QAre the vehicles difficult to ride?

  • Our vehicles are automatic and easy to ride. The training at the beginning is designed for all abilities.
  • The tours themselves are also designed for all abilities and most participants have never ridden a quad bike before.
  • We ride at a speed that is comfortable for all riders and tailor the route accordingly.
  • By the end of the training, there is an option to opt out or travel as a passenger with the Tourguide on a larger Passenger vehicle.

QHow fast do we go?

  • We ride at a speed that is comfortable for the whole group. Our ride is not sold as a race, but as a scenic tour.
  • The track does vary, so it keeps the tour entertaining for even experienced riders.
  • We follow minimal impact principles: donuts, fishtails and other forms of aggressive riding are not permitted.

QPark fees?

  • We are very fortunate to be able to access these remote locations in the National Park so National Parks passes are required.
  • Passes can be purchased at the local visitor centre.





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tours near wineglass bay
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